What does it cost to pursue a personal injury claim?

Here at Seaton, Seaton and Dierks, we handle personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that the client pays no upfront fee or ongoing bills for the legal services they receive. Our firm will pay the ongoing expenses relating to the prosecution of the case including medical records, expert opinions, and the like. We will help get your medical bills paid. We will deal with your insurance company. Once you have reached maximum medical improvement and have been released by your doctor, we will put together a settlement brochure and attempt to negotiate settlement with the other driver’s insurance company. Once the case is finished, the firm will be reimbursed out of the settlement for our expenses. After satisfaction of any liens, we will divide the remaining proceeds on a prearranged basis, usually 2/3 for the client and 1/3 for the firm. This amount may change, pursuant to the contract, if the matter has to be filed in court. Please contact the firm for more information and to begin pursuing your maximum settlement value.


Richard H. Seaton., Jr.