Auto Accident - First Steps

I have been hurt in an automobile accident. What do I do now?

Because insurance companies begin investigating the circumstances as soon as they are made aware of the accident, you should talk to a lawyer before you talk with the insurance company’s representative or consent to their requests for information. 

You will most likely will be contacted by a representative of the insurance company, also known as an adjuster, who may wish to take a recorded statement from you either by telephone or in person. Their purpose may be to gain information that they will use later in time to deny liability or fault, or to decrease the amount they should pay. They may also ask you to sign releases for medical or employment information. Your insurance company may require you to report any accident to them within a certain time frame, which may also involve requests for recorded interviews, medical documentation, employment information or other relevant information.

If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s actions, or on someone else’s property, or as the result of a car accident, you may require medical treatment. The hospital, doctor, or physical therapist must be paid. Your personal injury protection policy, which is part of every automobile insurance policy in Kansas will pay your medical bills up to the policy limit.  After the policy limit has been reached, your medical insurance will cover part or all of your medical bills. You should present the correct information to the billing office of the medical provider.

When you visit Seaton, Seaton and Dierks, LLP, please bring the following with you to your appointment:  any information you got from the police about your accident, a copy of your auto insurance policy, any correspondence or information you have from the other person’s insurance company and any information you believe is related to your claim in any way. You should also have similar information about any umbrella or excess insurance policies you may have.

If your own insurance policy, whether it be your health insurance, car insurance, or disability policy, pays for medical services rendered to you for injuries as the result of fault of another, those entities may be entitled to statutory or contractual repayment if you are able to recover from the person at fault.

An injured person is entitled to recovery for the amount of reasonable and necessary medical bills for treatment. An injured person might be entitled to lost wages which result from missed time at work because of an injury. He or she might be entitled to other damages which are more difficult to quantify, such as pain, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, or lost earning capacity.  If you’ve been hurt in an accident, your first responsibility to yourself is to do everything you can to recover from your injury. You should follow the advice of all of your health care providers