What to do when an injury occurs on the job.

As an employee, it is your job to immediately notify your employer of an injury that occurs on the job, otherwise your workers compensation claim may be denied. If your employer does not have a written policy regarding to whom to report, report the injury to your direct supervisor.

If the injury occurred on a specific date, such as falling off a ladder, you must report the injury within 20 calendar days from the date of the occurrence. If you are working for the employer against whom benefits are sought and you seek medical treatment for an injury by accident or repetitive trauma, you must report the injury within 20 calendar days of seeking medical treatment. If you no longer work for the employer, you must report the injury within 10 calendar days after your last day of actual work for the employer.

Notice may be given orally or in writing. To provide adequate oral notice, you must notify the department or individual designated by your employer, or if there has been no such designation by your employer, then to your supervisor or manager.

To provide adequate written notice, notice must be sent to a supervisor or manager at your principal location of employment. When providing written notice, be sure to include the date, time, place, person injured and the details of the injury. It must also be clear from the notice that you are claiming benefits under the workers compensation act or that you suffered the injury while on the job. It is your responsibility to prove your employer actually received the notice.

Additionally, be sure to follow your employer’s instructions for receiving medical treatment and follow the instructions from the doctor assigned by the employer’s insurance company.


Richard H. Seaton, Sr.