Should I Accept Money from the Insurance Company?


If you have been injured on the job, you should hold off on immediately accepting the insurance company’s offer. Here is what you need to know about Worker’s Compensation in Kansas:

1.     You can check the offer with an attorney specializing in Worker’s Compensation, most likely at no cost.

2.     The offer may be satisfactory, but the attorney will be able to analyze it for you, using the statutory guidelines and your medical evaluation.

3.     If you decide to hire an attorney, the fee will be contingent, with a maximum of 25%.  So you should only pay minimum or his/her 25% of any amount above the initial offer you received.  Kansas law requires that you have written contract, which must be approved by a judge.

4.     The employee and their insurance company are required to pay all work injury – related medical bills, providing the treatment has been acknowledged by the company.

5.     Even future medical costs can be covered for the treatment received after your settlement, if agreed upon or if ordered by the judge.

6.     Usually the insurance company’s initial offer will be contingent on you giving up the right to future treatment.

7.     All settlements must be approved by a judge; and all contested cases are heard by a special worker’s compensation judge.