Does Seaton, Seaton & Dierks accept out-of-state clients/cases?

As summer travel season kicks off, a lot of people head out of town for family fun. But, unfortunately, sometimes things don't always go as planned. If you need help for an out-of-state legal issue, we might be able to help.

Seaton, Seaton & Dierks does accept out-of-state clients and will take out of state cases as well. Currently our attorney's are only able to practice in Kansas and Colorado. Our effective use of technology allows us to easily and effectively represent clients internationally. When working with out-of-state clients, we usually do the initial consultation over the phone and from there, rely heavily on email and telephone communication as well as video conferencing or telephone conferencing for hearings. 

It is important that you discuss the jurisdiction of your case with an attorney so that you are initiating your case in the correct court. Especially if the parties or subjects are in different states.  If the subject matter or any of your parties reside in either Kansas or Colorado, take advantage of our firm's free consultation to discuss jurisdiction of your case with one of our attorneys. 

Keep in mind that our office charges for travel time at the full hourly rate of the attorney assigned to your case. It is important to discuss rates, fees and expenses with the attorney prior to hiring them so you are able to fully weigh the benefits and costs associated with hiring the attorney you are considering. 



Mary McMullen