How much does an initial consultation cost?

One of the first steps in getting legal assistance is sitting down with an attorney and having an initial consultation. During this consultation you should inform the attorney of the basic facts surrounding your case so that you can get accurate advice and an accurate assessment of the cost you will incur. However, before you have an initial consultation you should always find out if your attorney charges a consultation fee. The best way to find out what your attorney charges for a consultation is to simply ask when you are making the appointment. Some attorneys charge consultation fees for every consult, other attorneys charge consult fees in certain cases, and some attorneys never charge consultation fees.

If your attorney charges for every consultation, then they will normally charge their hourly rate for the consultation. Some attorneys, on the other hand, charge consultation fees on a limited basis. These attorneys usually charge consultation fees when a client is planning on asking specific legal questions that require background research of knowledge. Other attorneys charge consultation fees for specific types of legal actions.

Finally, some attorneys don’t charge consultation fees. These attorneys usually will be more hesitant to give you a lot of legal advice in the initial consultation. However, this approach allows you the opportunity to talk to an attorney to find out if you want to choose that specific attorney to represent you, without costing you any money. Attorneys who don’t charge consultation fees will also be stricter regarding the time your appointment is scheduled to start and end.

The ideas surrounding consultation fees have their own various benefits. The important thing is to find an attorney that you trust as the consultation fee is usually substantially less than an entire legal action. You should make sure to ask what your attorney’s consultation fee policy is before you make your initial appointment with the attorney and be fully organized and on time to your consult so that you get the most for your consult.


Trey Bryant

Associate Attorney

Trey Bryant, Associate

Trey recently joined our team and is licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado.  Trey graduated from Kansas State University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, a Bachelor of Science in Legal Communication and a minor in Women's Studies. Trey earned his Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2017. Trey intends to focus his practice on Appeals,Civil Litigation, Family Law, Landlord-tenant Law and Contracts.