Why Do I Need An Attorney For Estate Planning?

Think about it this way…would you ever give yourself a root canal? Extend your existing electrical circuits? How about fly an airplane?

Unless you are a dentist, electrician or pilot, chances are you wouldn’t do any of the above on your own, no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch. The same applies to your estate plan.

Here’s why:

1. Attorneys can help you cover all aspects of your estate plan.

Your estate plan includes more than just a will. Consulting with an attorney will ensure you cover all your bases, including making your medical directives known, properly appointing a loved one to oversee your finances and healthcare and drafting transfer-on-death deeds for real property.

2. Your estate plan will comply with Kansas laws and be legally valid.

Each state follows its own set of rules regarding estate planning documents. Attorneys are familiar with the statutory requirements in their state and will ensure the documents are drafted and executed properly to be considered valid in a court of law. Additionally, most law firms have a notary public and staff members to notarize and witness the documents, so you don’t have to search around town.

3. The burden on your family members will be significantly decreased.

Probating a will can be expensive. When a will is probated, the court gets involved by determining the validity of the will, overseeing distributions, settling disputes and taking any other necessary measures. This process can be lengthy, costly and may even strain relationships with family members. By hiring an attorney, you can learn how to avoid probate and lessen the burden on your loved ones.

Thinking about the future and planning your estate can be unnerving and overwhelming. Meeting with an attorney can help ease those fears and make sure your affairs are properly in order.


Abby Hoelting

Law Clerk

Abby Hoelting, Law Clerk

Abby originally joined our team as an Office Assistant in 2014, back when she was an undergraduate student at Kansas State University. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Kansas State University, Abby went to Washburn School of Law. She is anticipated to graduate in May of 2018.